50 years of our past have been spent in the spirit of the Sekler folk art. The Sekler decorative gates, wooden headboards, carved and painted furnitures, homespun and stitched clothes have always been our partners and main parts of our every-day lives. Their shapes and motifs are carrying special meanings; they are the mirrors of our self-portrait, of our spiritual and emotional life.


For 25 years we have been trying to pass something on from our ancestral heritage carried on through many centuries. We believe that our ancestral knowledge would still have its own place in this accelerated and progressing world.


From now on the meaning and direction of our life would be what we have learnt from the obstinacy of Karoly Kos: continuing the work of our fathers, for which we will need fanatic faith. On the piece of land bought in Turia, we would like to create a Manufacturers’ House, where people could get familiar with, learn as a beginner and practice at an advanced level the Sekler folk arts.


Sandor Istvan, carving master

We would also like to create a hall for exhibitions, where all the fields of the Sekler folk arts are present. An information center, where the geographical, touristic, historical and ethnographical side of the Sekler, Saxon and Csango Hungarian cultures could be discovered in writings, pictures and sounds, and at the same time, all these could be reached for scientific researches.


In order to realize these plans we have founded the "Kelengye" Association. The Hungarian Popular Art League’s Professional Corporation of Romania has offered two of our four founding member’s the title of Excellent Master of Folk Art. The third founding member is a biologist and ecologist; the fourth is an ethnographic researcher, who took her PHD degree at the ELTE BTK Folklore Faculty.


We are relying on the progressive spirit of every kindly disposed person, on his or her advice, knowledge and support.


We would like to fulfill the duty of our destiny that sounds like the words of Aron Tamasi: "Birds have wings and freedom, but man has just one mother-land and many obligations".


The activity fields of the "Kelengye" Association:

  • The main aim of the association is to organize educational and cultural activities, also to preserve the folk traditions through the creation of folk decorative items and tools.
  • To take advantage of rural tourism by discovering the geographical county, the historical and cultural traditions, treasures of the folk arts and folk traditions.
  • Organization of folk arts exhibitions and presentations, establishing and maintaining relations with national and international associations with the same profile. Organization of camps and changing experience by the principle of reciprocity
  • Organization of book-reviews, publication and popularization of ethnographical editions, publication of educational brochures, creation of an information center.
  • Organization of events, contests, festivities, reciting competitions; the discovery of young talents.
  • Cooperation with museums, cultural centers, folk art masters.
  • Inauguration and introduction of folk art creations, carved gates, wooden headboards and memorial houses.
  • Operation of play-houses, introduction of traditional toys and games, creation of original toys.
  • Presentation of the traditional folk cooking, gardening and natural healing heritage.
  • Including of new activities in the program of the "Forest’s School", in order to know and to protect our environment.
  • The unfolding of the traditional Saxon architecture and folk art (painted furniture).
  • Presentation of the Csango Hungarian's folk culture, organization of joint camps and dance houses.
  • Supporting of young creators through donations.


nincs kép
nincs kép